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Mobile Repair Course in Rawalpindi Punjab, Pakistan.

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Complete Course In     URDU,      URDU,     URDU,    URDU,    URDU,    URDU,   Language

Complete Course In     URDU,      URDU,     URDU,    URDU,      URDU,   URDU,  Language

آپ پاکستان کے کسی شہر یا دُنیا کے کسی مُلک میں رہتے ہیں ہم آپ کو نئے  اور پرانے موبائل ماڈلز مرمت کرنے کی ٹریننگ نوٹس اور وڈیو کی مدد سےدیں گے


Free Mobile Repairing Lectures 

Complete Course In     URDU,      URDU,     URDU,      URDU,    URDU,   URDU,  Language


  • From Basic To Chip Level Parts Replacement.
  • All Lectures, Notes, Video In URDU.
  • Mobile Phone Repairing Training.
  • Laptop notebook Computer PC Repair Course
  • 100% Practical Training.
  • UK Qualified Teacher.

Complete Training For

  1. Mobile Disassembly
  2. Mobile Parts Checking
  3. Repair Dry Sold Parts
  4. Mobile Parts Replacement
  5. Mobile Circuit Tracing
  6. Mobile Circuit Repairing
  7. Use Of Repairing Tools
  8. How To Use Soldering Iron
  9. How To Read Diagram
  10. How To Use Multi Meter
  11. How To Use Re Soldering Station
  12. How To Use Re Soldering Station
  13. How To Use Power Supply
  14. How To Check Battery
  15. How To Boost Battery
  16. How To Use Micro Scope
  17. How To Battery Test
  18. How To Use Battery Booster       & Much More
  19. Repairing Solution of I Phone, Black Berry, HTC, Samsung, Q Mobile, G Five mobile, Nokia, China Mobile & All Other Mobile

Complete Course In     URDU,      URDU,       URDU,    URDU,    URDU,   URDU,  Language

How To Repair Dead Mobile, How To Repair Sound Fault, How To Repair Charging Problem, How To Fix Display Problem, How To Replace Mobile LCD, How To Replace Touch Pad, How To Repair Water Damage Mobile, etc.  


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Complete Course In     URDU,      URDU,     URDU,    URDU,    URDU,     URDU,  Languag